Why Private Search Engines Are For Everyone

There is a misconception that privacy and security tools are difficult to use and require extensive technical knowledge. This is simply not true, and private search engines are no exception. Using a private search engine is one of the best ways to protect your privacy with very little additional effort.

You No Longer Have To Sacrifice Quality Results for Privacy Protection

When the concept of a “private search engine” was first introduced, these search engines couldn’t compete with the leading search engines on the internet. Today, as private search engines continue to add new features and improve their search results, private search engines are improving the experience for their users. The only people who used to use privacy-focused tools were paranoid users or privacy advocates. Modern privacy tools are accessible to people with basic computer skills and are comparable to the tools that track their users and sell their data.

Private Search Engines are Free To Use

Some privacy tools, like VPNs, are paid services. One of the advantages of private search engines is that they don’t require you to spend money to try them out. If you find a private search engine that suits your needs, you can easily share it with your friends and family so they can protect their searches too.

These Search Engines Have Built-In Privacy

Private search engines like Ghostpeek have privacy built into their functionality. Privacy by design means that the service is created from the beginning with privacy protection, and it’s not added after the fact. Other privacy measures require you to take extra steps to add privacy to existing services. With private search engines, that privacy is already embedded in the product.

Private Search Engines Offer More Objective and More Neutral Search Results

Because private search engines don’t track you, these search engines can’t use your past browsing or search history to influence which results you see. Personalized search results can seem like a fantastic convenience, but the effects aren’t all good. “Filter bubbles” are a negative result of personalized search results. Filter bubbles are when you are getting personalized content feeds like personalized search results or news feeds, and you’re isolated from the full range of information. You may be completely unaware that you’re only getting half of the true range of perspectives on a given issue. Private search engines essentially show every user the same search results for a given search.

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