How Does Ghostpeek Make Money? Ghostpeek’s Business Model Explained

What is Ghostpeek?

Ghostpeek is a search engine created to make private search accessible to everyone in a user-friendly way. Ghostpeek doesn’t store your search history or maintain a profile of your personal data. Ghostpeek uses local encryption to keep your search terms private even on your computer. With Ghostpeek, your search terms aren’t found in your browser history or in your URL. Ghostpeek keeps your searches more private by not tracking your searches and by hiding your search terms with encryption.

Contextual Advertising Without Tracking

When you search on Ghostpeek you may notice a couple ads that show up above or below your search results. Ghostpeek gets paid when you click on these ads. These ads are based on your search term and not on any data profile or history we collect from you. It is a myth that your privacy needs to be invaded to determine if an ad is relevant or not. Your search term lets us know exactly what you’re looking for.

Is Ghostpeek’s Business Model Sustainable?

Yes. We believe that Ghostpeek’s value proposition and business model will still work in the future.

  • Ghostpeek’s business model is immune to many changes in privacy laws. For companies that rely on user data, a new privacy law could completely derail their business models. Ghostpeek is privacy-friendly as is, so certain changes in privacy laws or regulations wouldn’t force Ghostpeek to change its data processes.
  • Ghostpeek is adapting to a changing search landscape. Search engines today have evolved greatly from their original form. The concept is still the same, input some query to find a website or an answer to your question, but the ways people use these tools have evolved. For example, search engines have found ways to answer users’ questions without making them click on a link to another website. Ghostpeek is always adding new features to stay current and make it easier for people to find the information they’re looking for.

Privacy In Business Doesn’t Mean No Profit

There are many businesses that make huge profits with the user data they collect or analyze. In many cases, this data helps drive decision making for companies, but it isn’t essential. Companies were profitable long before the huge trend of user-data collection emerged. For privacy-focused companies, there is very little personal data involved in everyday processes. One example of this is Apple and its dedication to privacy. Apple is still able to gather usage data about how people interact with their devices and software, but it does so without collecting information about any individual.

Ghostpeek wants to show people that businesses can continue to profit without compromising anyone’s private data.

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