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About Ghostpeek: A Private Search Engine

Ghostpeek is a new search engine that won’t use your searches against you. You can use Ghostpeek to find the information you’re looking for online without worrying about any privacy issues that other search engines may have.

Is Ghostpeek a Good Search Engine?

Yes. Ghostpeek is a reliable and useful search engine, but we do more than just help you find the answers to your questions.

If when you hear “search engine” your mind defaults to Google, you’re like most people. Ghostpeek wants to change the fact that Google is synonymous with “search engine”. Our goal is to do “good” by minimizing the privacy issues and tracking that Google perpetuates on the internet. Ghostpeek is an alternative to Google Search that 1) doesn’t track you, 2) won’t store your search history, and 3) won’t use your past browsing to target ads.

Ghostpeek is available at, and as a browser extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. We currently have a full lineup of privacy tools in the works to help you extend your privacy beyond search.

When you search with Ghostpeek you don’t have to worry about your searches coming up at some point in the future and causing damage to your reputation or revealing your identity. Searching with Ghostpeek helps protect your anonymity. Our search engine is designed to be private. We started as a private search engine, so we didn’t have to figure out how to weave privacy into an existing product.

Why Ghostpeek is Better Than Google

You may have noticed that Google is able to predict (with shocking accuracy) what your next search will be, or what products you’re thinking about buying. This feels like a convenience, but the reason Google is able to offer these suggestions is that it has been monitoring and analyzing your web searches and browsing activity.

Ghostpeek Protects Your Privacy

Rather than track all of your activity and use that data to “personalize” your search results, we don’t collect and store any data profiles or information about your identity to link to your search history.

Ghostpeek Helps You Escape Filter Bubbles

Filter bubbles are a result of the algorithms that determine which results or content individuals are most likely to click on. Rather than showing the complete range of results, search engine algorithms omit certain sites or results from a users’ search results if it predicts that a user won’t interact with those results. The result of this is people being isolated from the entire range of information about a given topic. Since Ghostpeek doesn’t collect your search history or use that information to alter your search results, you will be given a full range of information without any bias introduced by complex algorithms.

In theory, two users in completely different locations and completely different views on issues can search on Ghostpeek and be shown the exact same search results.

Ghostpeek Features

  • Encrypted Search History: When you search with Ghostpeek, your search terms are encrypted on your computer and are sent to our servers in an encrypted format. This local encryption keeps your search terms from showing in your browser’s history, so other users on your computer can’t see what you’ve searched for.
  • Maps Search: Ghostpeek offers a maps search powered by OpenStreetMap. This allows us to deliver relevant maps results without tracking your location.
  • Video Search: We also offer a privacy-friendly video search which allows you to watch videos directly on our site, so you don’t have to expose yourself to the tracking mechanisms of the sites these videos are hosted on.
  • Expiring Browsing History: Ghostpeek takes an additional measure to protect your search privacy: expiring browsing history. When you’re done searching, your searches expire so the URLs in your history won’t take you back to your search results page. This features allows Ghostpeek to offer perfect forward secrecy.

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